Botswana, Africa’s jewel in the crown

January 15, 2011 Nick No Comments

The last 18 months has seen Nick Bishop spending one week every month working on a skills development project in Botswana, funded by their government and delivered in partnership with the Botswana Business School.

Botswana has developed a reputation as the jewel in the crown in Africa and one of the fastest developing countries in the world. With a stable government, the economy benefits from high levels of education, a big investment in people and a very friendly and peace loving population.

The International Financial Services recognises the great opportunities for the country of Botswana to both grow internally but also to develop its prescence as a major business process outsourcing destination.

The ingredients for success are all there and with a country that seems to thrive on entrepreneurship, it’s only a matter of time before Botswana makes a bigger presence on the world map.

Plans are being made for more visits and workshop facilitation for Complete Performance.


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