Nick Bishop, Director and founder of Complete Performance.

The Complete Vision

‘Complete Performance’ was created in 2005 to work with individuals, teams and business with a shared passion to ‘develop their potential to new and improved levels and then beyond.’

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Complete Background

With a successful career spanning 25 years as a Senior Manager within blue chip companies in the Insurance, Banking and Financial Services sectors, Nick explains: “There can be no greater buzz than creating the building blocks for teams and seeing them develop into high performing success stories. Being able to develop the individuals and to see them achieve success in their own right.”

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed” –

Napoleon Hill

With his high performing teams of up to 200 developed using the sound principles of mutual respect, trust, passion and belief, his areas of responsibility produced over £1 billion of lending in his final years working with HBOS.

Much of this success was enjoyed as a result of the way that the teams were able to work together. Everyone understanding their role but confident that they felt sufficiently empowered to make decisions that would have an impact on the business.

The Complete Model

Managers have to understand how to coach, manage and develop their staff to obtain the best possible results whilst also managing performance to maximize the team potential. These skills can be easily forgotten and team morale can suffer immensely.

Too easily we can accept a performance that on the surface appears to be good, but with a little more work and understanding of true potential, can often be bettered. Consider how long it took for the ’4 minute mile’ to be broken by Roger Bannister, only for dozens more athletes to do likewise in the next couple of months. It could be done!

The challenge is being able to get that bit extra from everyone. Once you have done that your performance will truly take off.

“When you believe you can…….you can!”

Maxwell Maltz

The Complete Performance

Now trading successfully for five years, Complete Performance has worked with a range of clients both in the UK and overseas including Public and Private sector and internationally with government funded initiatives.

Complete Performance are also part owners of the Broadstone Business Generator.

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